Kay Armatage Recent Publications

Cinema Studies and Women's Studies, Innis College, University of Toronto

(Author) The Girl from God's Country: Nell Shipman and the Silent Cinema (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2003).
(Co-Editor) Gendering the Nation: Canadian Women's Cinema (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999).
(Editor) Equity and How to Get It. (Toronto: Inanna Press, 1999).

"Screenings by Moonlight,” Film International Vol. 6 No. 4/2008, special issue on film festivals, ed. Dina Iordanova, 34-43.
"Fashions in Feminist Programming," Un-Making the Cut, ed. Corinn Columpar, University of Michigan Press, forthcoming 2009.
“Joyce Wieland’s Political Cinema,” Canadian Women Filmmakers, ed. George Melnyk, University of Alberta Press, forthcoming 2008.
“Wieland’s (not God’s) Far Shore,” Great Canadian Directors, ed. George Melnyk, University of Alberta Press, 2007.
“Blood on the Chapel Floor: Adventures in Women’s Studies,’ Minds of Our Own: Inventing Feminist Scholarship and Women’s Studies in Canada and Quebec, 1966-76, eds. M. Eichler, F. Descarries, M. Luxton, W. Robbins, Wilfrid Laurier Press, 2008.
“Seeing and Hearing Salome,” co-authored with Caryl Clark, Image and Territory: New Essays on Atom Egoyan, ed. Monique Tschofen & Jennifer Burwell (Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier Press, 2006).
“New Taiwanese Women Filmmakers,” for anthology on Asian women filmmakers, ed. Wu Fan, Taiwan University Press. In press.
“Professional Autobiography,” Inventing Feminist Scholarship and Women’s Studies in Canada, eds. M. Eichler, M. Luxton, W. Robbins, F. Descarries, 2500 wds., completed May 30, 2005, in press.
Entry on Nell Shipman, The Oxford Companion to Canadian History, ed. Gerald Hallowell, Oxford University Press, 2004.
"Sex and Snow: Landscape and Identity in the God’s Country Films of Nell Shipman,” American Silent Film: Discovering Marginalized Voices, ed. Gregg Bachman & Thomas Slater, Southern Illinois University Press, 2002, 125-147.
"Fashion and Fetish in Canadian Film", Topia Journal of Cultural Studies, Spring 2002.
"Landscape, Ethnicity and Nation in Nell Shipman's Canadian Films", Pioneers of the Cinema, ed. Tom Slater. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2002.
"Janis Cole and Holly Dale: Cinema of Marginality," North of Everything, ed. Jerry White, University of Alberta Press, 2002.
"Nell Shipman: A Case of Heroic Femininity",  Gendering the Nation: Canadian Women's Cinema. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1999. Reprinted from Feminisms in the Cinema, eds. Ada Testafieri & Laura Petropaulo. Bloomington: Indiana Press, 1995, 125-145.
"The Feminine Body: Joyce Wieland's Water Sark", The Films of Joyce Wieland, ed. Kathryn Elder. Toronto: Cinematheque Ontario, 1999. Reprinted from Dialogue, eds. Pierre Verraneau, Seth Feldman & Michael Dorland, (Montreal: Mediatexte Publications Inc., 1987); also published in Canadian Woman Studies, Spring 1987.
"Collaborating on Women's Studies: The University of Toronto Model", Graduate Women's Studies: Visions and Realities, ed. Ann B. Shteir, Toronto: Inanna Publications, 1996, 11-20.
"The Body That Disappears Into Thin Air: Vera Frenkel's Video Work", Mirror Machine: Video in the Age of Identity, ed. Janine Marchessault, YYZ Books, 1995.

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