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Class 2015
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Program Outline

Discussions with The Advisory Committee of experts have indicated that an appropriate level of skill, knowledge, insights and professional characteristics can be imparted in a graduate-level Diploma of 10 half course equivalents of the nature described below.

Year 1

Introduction to IFA 
(beginning July 1st)

Introductory Readings will be provided in early July. One assignment, based on these introductory readings and the topics to be covered in the four remaining first year courses, will be due prior to the Residency Period in August . The assignment will be taken up during the Residency period.

July - August

Residency - 14-18 Aug 2013

Practice Issues

September - October

Legal Process - Introductory

November - January

Investigative-related matters - Introductory

January - March

Loss Quantification - Introductory

April - May

Year 2

Legal Process - Advanced

September - October

Loss Quantification - Advanced

November - January

Investigative-related matters - Advanced

January - March

Advanced Topics

April - May

Integrative Capstone

Residency - 13-18 Aug 2013