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Course Requirements


Students in the program: please remember to indicate your enrolment in the Collaborative Program on your registration form each year . You should also make sure that you are registered in the "Seminars in Developmental Biology" course, JDB1026Y (PhD students) or "Topics in Developmental Biology" course, JDB1024Y (MSc students)  every year until you have presented twice (one seminar + one poster OR two seminars for PhD students) or one poster (MSc students) at the program's annual retreat or  mini symposium and have received a grade.

Students currently enrolled in the Collaborative Program: 

Student Supervisor Dept
Kenana Al Kakouni U. Tepass CSB
Molly Allen A. Bruce CSB
Stephanie Almeida S. Cordes MG
Koeun Bae A. Bruce CSB
Mazdak Bagherie-Lachidan H. McNeill MG
Emily Beckett J. Culotti MG
Maeve Bonner G. Boulianne MG
David Brown B. Pearson MG
Eric Chapman B. Derry MG
Helen Chen D. Godt CSB
Linan (Emily) Chen H. Lipshitz MG
Katie Cockburn J. Rossant MG
Ko Currie B. Pearson MG
Erich Damm R. Winklbauer CSB
Arman Draginov U. Tepass CSB
Lauren Del Bel J. Brill MG
Ashish Deshwar I. Scott MG
Serena D'Souza P. Roy MG
Jason Dumelie C. Smibert Biochem
Michelle Francisco J. Claycomb MG
Asuka (Sihui) Guan M. Zhen Physio
Felix Gunawan D. Godt CSB
Mathew Hall B. Derry MG
Madeline Hayes B. Ciruna MG
Miranda Hunter R. Fernandez-Gonzalez CSB
Gayaanan Jeyanathan U. Tepass CSB
Korosh Kianizad JC. Zuniga-Pflucker Imm
Chikin Kuok H. McNeill MG
Azadeh Laffafian U. Tepass CSB
Savo Lazic I. Scott MG
Donghoon Lee T. Harris CSB
Richard Lee  H. Krause MG
Yan Li T. Harris CSB
Alexander Lin B. Pearson MG
Jing Lu B. Derry MG
Abigail Mateo B. Derry MG
Andrew McKinley T. Harris CSB
Meg Mendoza B. Ciruna MG
Nicole Liscio H. McNeill MG
Nandini Raghuram S. Egan MG
Srdjana Ratkovic H. McNeill MG
Francisco Rodrigues T. Harris CSB
Robyn Rosenfeld H. McNeill MG
Nathan Schachter S. Egan MG
Catherine Schrankel J. Rast Imm
Ashwin Seetharaman P. Roy MG
Arun Shipstone U. Tepass CSB
Jordon Silver U. Tepass CSB
Anson Sing H. McNeill MG
Xin Sun J. Rossant MG
Simone Superina B. Ciruna MG
David ter Stal U. Tepass CSB
Patrycja Thompson JC. Zuniga - Pflucker Imm
Miling Wang G. Boulianne MG
Chris Wedeles J. Claycomb MG
Jason Wen  R. Winklbauer CSB
Junior West T. Harris CSB 
Monica Wu J. Claycomb MG
Kelvin Yeung H. McNeill MG
Shu Jung Zhu B. Pearson MG

PhD Graduates of the Program

Name Thesis Title Supervisor
Jes Adams Defining the Roles of Oncogenic Pik3ca Mutations and Genetic Cooperation in Mouse Models of Breast Cancer S. Egan
Joel Atallah The development and evolution of complex patterns: The Drosophila sex comb as a model system. E. Larson
Mariam Alexander MADD-2, a homolog of the Opiitz Syndrome protein MID1, regulates guidance to the midline in Caenorhabditis elegans P. Roy
Steffen Biechele The role of the x-chromosomal porcupine homolog gene in mouse development J. Rossant
Slobodan Beronja The function of the exocyst and the FERM protein Yurt in the polarization of Drosophila epithelial cells U. Tepass
Antonia Borovina Investigating the relationship between cilia and planar cell polarity signalling during zebrafish development B. Ciruna
Dario Bonetta Analysis of ERA1 in Arabidopsis P. McCourt
Siobhan Brady Modulators of ABI3 action: A genetic and bioinformatic approach P. McCourt
Jason Burgess The Clathrin adaptor AP-1 and type II phosphatidlinositol 4-kinase are required for glue granule biogenesis in Drosophila J. Brill
Jeffrey Burrows

Characterization of the Zebrafish Logelei Mutant Reveals a Conserved Role for MED14 in the Maintenance of Stem Cell Populations

I. Scott
Alexandra Byrne A global analysis of synthetic genetic interactions and a genetic analysis of muscle arm development in Caenorhabditis elegans P. Roy
Brian Ciruna The role of FGFR1 signalling in the morphogenesis and specification of mesoderm during mouse gastrulation J. Rossant
Cosimo Commisso The roles of the neuralized NHR and ring domains in notch signaling and delta trafficking G. Boulianne
Wenzislava Ckurshumova Regulatory hierarchies in auxin signal transduction and vascular tissue development T. Berleth
Ramona Cooperstock Mechanisms of transcript regulation in the early Drosophila embryo: degradation, localization and translational regulation H. Lipshitz
Brian Cox Proteomic profiling of mouse organs, development and mutant models J. Rossant
Daryl David Bazooka and atypical protein kinase C regulate dynamic actomyosin networks during Drosophila amnioserosa apical constriction T. Harris
Ridhdhi Desai Functional analysis of alpha-catenin in Cadherin-mediated cell adhesion during Drosophila development U. Tepass
Valeria Di Giovanni The role of ALK3 during urogenital development N. Rosenblum
Scott Dixon Development of muscle membrane extensions in C.elegans P. Roy
Gilberto Dos Santos The mechanism and role of apical wingless mRNA localization in Drosophila H. Krause
Scott Douglas Stem development in Arabidopsis thaliana D. Riggs
Ted Erclik Role of the Drosophila Chx genes in visual system development H. Lipshitz
Nicole Forgione Effects of histone deacetylase inhibitors on the maintenance of midbrain neurons and glia V. Tropepe
Majid Ghassemian Genetic and molecular interactors of the ABA insensitive gene ABI1 of Arabidopsis thaliana P. McCourt
Sophia George Embryonic stem cell technologies for understanding the complexity of VEGF function A. Nagy
Katie Harris Cdc42 promotes epithelial cell polarity by negatively regulating apical endocytosis U. Tepass
Sharon Hill Role of the Drosophila Chx genes in visual system development P. Romans
Chris Hrabchak Identification and characterization of putative protein phosphatase-1cγ2 regulatory proteins in mouse testis S. Varmuza
Nicole Husain Eyes shut, a proteoglycan essential for Drosophila epithelial lumen formation U. Tepass
Richard Ikegami Genetic integration of Semaphorin and Ephrin pathways regulating epidermal morphogenesis in C. elegans J. Culotti
Radia Johnson

The role and molecular mechanism of Flt3 over-expression In a murine model of Precursor-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 

C. . Guidos
Cheryl Johnson Regulation of germ-line expression of the Caernorhabditis elegans gene fem-1 by maternal transcripts A. Spence
Kristine Jolliffe The C.elegans p53 family gene cep-1 and the meiotic gene him-5 are required for meiotic recombination B. Derry
Julie Kang  The role of cell cycling during vascular development in leaves of Arabidopsis thaliana N. Dengler
Sabrina Kim Characterization of big bang, a novel drosophila gene encoding PDZ domain-containing proteins involved in locomotor behaviour G. Boulianne
Naden Krogen Transcriptional regulation in auxin mediated patterning T. Berleth
Tilo Kunath Characterization of two distinct extraembryonic cell
lines from the mouse blastocyst
J. Rossant
Kelvin Law Regulation of graded intracellular GLi activities in Hedgehog-dependent ventral spinal cord patterning CC. Hui
Peter Leventis Characterization and mutant analysis of the Drosophila melanagaster homologues of Amphiphysin and Enthoprotin, two proteins implicated in vesicular trafficking G. Boulianne
Zhu Juan (Sue) Li The Role of Hedgehog-Gli Pathway Regulators in Skin Development and Tumorigenesis CC. Hui
Ed Liao The F-box protein FSN-1 functions in an SCF-like ubiquitin ligase complex to regulate synapse formation M. Zhen
Shelley Lumba Genetic analysis of FUSCA3 (FUS3) in Arabidopsis P. McCourt
Ching Ching Leow Notch signalling in mouse mammary development S. Egan
Danielle Marcos Control of plant patterning by dynamic patterns of auxin transport T. Berleth
Nathalie Martinek Haemocyte-derived SPARC is required for collagen-IV-dependent stability of basal laminae in Drosophila embryos M. Ringuette
Andrew McKinley The positioning and function of Bazooka polarity landmarks during Drosophila embryogenesis T. Harris
Liang Ming Functional Domains and Target Genes of the Hindsight Zinc-finger Protein H. Lipshitz
Amanda Moore Transcriptional priming for intrathymic dendritic cell development M. Anderson
Alessandro Mori Tbx5-dependent rheostatic contol of cardiac gene expression and morphogenesis B. Bruneau
Leandra Oppedisano Characterization of three genes showing altered expression levels in parthenogenetic embryos S. Varmuza
Sivani Paskaradevan Investigating the Role of Apelin Receptor Signaling in Zebrafish Myocardial Progenitor Development I. Scott
Ben Pinder Mechanisms of Smaug-mediated post-transcriptional regulation in the early Drosophila embryo C. Smibert
Heidi Sampson Characterization of Drosophila nuclear receptor interactions and activation patterns H. Krause
Mara Schvarzstein The C. elegans sex-determining GLI protein TRA-1A is regulated by sex-specific proteolysis A. Spence
Ian Scott Analysis of the regulation of basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor activity during murine trophoblast development: E-factor independent activity of HAND1 in trophoblast and other cell types J. Cross
Jen Semotok Maternal transcript instability in early Drosophila development H. Lipshitz
Lara Skwarek Characterization of the role of neuralized in Delta endocytosis and notch signalling     G. Boulianne
Praveer Sharma Regulation of long-range planar cell polarity by Fat-Dachsous signaling H. McNeill
Robert Stephenson Dissecting the role of morphogenesis in the origins of the first two cell lineages in the mouse embryo J. Rossant
Wael Tadros Post-transcriptional regulation of maternal transcripts by the PAN GU kinase in the early Drosophila embryo H. Lipshitz
Owen Tamplin Development of the mouse notochord J. Rossant
Julie Tan Characterization of phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase IIIa during Dropsophila development J. Brill
Joanne Tan Fringe proteins enhance competition for limiting niches during lymphoid lineage commitment, differentiation, and homeostasis C. Guidos
Vincent Tropepe Origin and diversification of neural stem cells during mammalian brain development D.Van der Kooy
Diane van de Hoef Investigation of the role of  Presenilin in Drosophila development and Alzheimer's disease G. Boulianne
Danielle Vidaurre Characterization of molecular and genetic interactors of the Arabidopsis Auxin response factor monopteros T. Berleth
Usha Vivegananthan Molecular and genetic analysis of the sex-determining proteins FEM-1 and FEM-3 A. Spence
Ronit Ovseiovich Wilk Regulation of epithelial morphogenesis by the Drosophila zinc finger protein hindsight H. Lipshitz
Ed Yeh Characterization of the role of neu during Drosophila development G. Boulianne
Bilge Yoruk Investigating the cerebral cavernous malformation 3(CCM3) pathway in a zebrafish model of CCN disease I. Scott
Julie Yuan Functions of Lunatic and Manic Fringe in regulating the strength and specificity of Notch receptor-ligand interactions during hematopoiesis C. Guidos
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