Faculty Members

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Professor Telephone E-Mail Dept
Benjamin Alman 416-813-7980 LM
Michelle Anderson 416-480-6100 x7850 Imm
Stephane Angers 416-978-4939 Biochem
Thomas Berleth 416-946-3734 CSB
Gabrielle Boulianne 416-813-8701 MG
Julie Brill 416-813-8863 MG
Ashley Bruce 416-946-0436 CSB
Malcolm Campbell 416-946-0817 CSB
Julie Claycomb 416-978-3825 MG
Brian Ciruna 416-813-7654 x2050 MG
Sabine Cordes 416-586-8891 MG
Joe Culotti 416-586-8244 MG
Brent Derry 416-813-7654 x1829 MG
Sean Egan 416-813-6983 MG
Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalez 416-978-7368 CSB
Jason Fish 426-581-7496 LM
Dorothea Godt 416-978-8714 CSB
Cynthia Guidos 416-813-5026 Imm
Tony Harris 416-946-0873 CSB
Sevan Hopyan 416-813-7654 x1266 MG
C.C. Hui 416-813-4994 MG
Henry Krause 416-978-8602 MG
Howard Lipshitz 416-946-5296  MG
Peter McCourt 416-978-0523 CSB
Helen McNeill 416-586-4800 x8267 MG
Marc Meneghini 416-978-7599 MG
Andras Nagy 416-586-3246 MG
Bret Pearson 416-813-7654x28370 MG
Jonathan Rast 416-480-5195 Imm
Maurice Ringuette 416-978-6955 CSB
Norman Rosenblum 416-813-5667 Physio
Janet Rossant 416-813-6577 MG
Peter Roy 416-946-8395 MG
Ian Scott 416-813-7654 x1572 MG
Craig Smibert 416-946-5538 Biochem
Andrew Spence 416-978-6406 MG
Ulrich Tepass 416-978-5712 CSB
Vincent Tropepe 416-946-0338 CSB
Derek van der Kooy 416-978-1960 MG
Sue Varmuza 416-978-2759 CSB
Rudi Winklbauer 416-978-4445 CSB
Mei Zhen 416-586-1592 MG
Juan Carlos Zúñiga-Pflücker 416-480-6112 Imm

Home departments:

Biochem Dept. of Biochemistry
Imm Dept. of Immunology
LMP Dept. of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
MG Dept. of Molecular Genetics
Physio Dept. of Physiology
CSB Dept. of Cell & Systems Biology

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