Student Testimonials

Dear Gillian, I am pleased to let you know that I have got a new job that finally fulfills my expectations. I would like to share with you and all the DEEDS Staff this news. The DEEDS course was very helpful for me by making the transition into the job market quick, meaningful and realistic. Oracle and Java are an amazing combination, which empowers your students even if it takes time to realize it and use it at its full potential. I would like to thank all the DEEDS Staff for support and I will recommend your course to anyone. I thank you Gillian, Branka, Travis, Rodolfo and Rod, and of course, Professor Gervers. G. S.

Dear all, I have got full time contract job as a DBA/System Specialist at Bell Canada. I started from today itself. This is the job which I am actully looking for. I will promise you I will do my level best in this company. I want to say thanks all of you for providing me this opportunity. I want to thank all the instructors (Travis, Rodolfo, Branka, Rod) who tought me a lot of new skills during my Deeds Projects course. I want to thanks to Gillian specially for giving me admission in this course. Thanks again for all this. I really appreciate it. N. S.

Dear Gillian, How are you? Do you remember me? I was teaching German at UofT, and have now made a successful transition to an IT career - thanks to Deeds! I am working as a QA Analyst at a downtown software company specializing in the finance industry. S. K.

Dear Mrs. Long, I have started working in Data&Scientific Systems since last friday. In the interview I have taken a test of PL/SQL and Java. Everything was fine then they offered me a position in their company. I would like to thank you for your support and help. Thanks for everything. A. E.

I came to Canada with a degree in Chemical Engineering and 18 years of experience in the chemical industry in various positions but I soon discovered that my education and work experience would not help me to find a job in Toronto. For 2 years I looked for a job and the only thing I found were temporary, part time jobs which were not in my field so I decided to make a career change. This is a story common to many immigrants. While I was trying to make up my mind I heard about DEEDS. The points that helped me decide upon DEEDS was the fact that it was run through U of T, they offered CO-OP upon graduation and the trainers experience. I graduated the Oracle Training Program offered by Deeds Project in October 1998. After graduation I found a CO-OP position with Systems Dynamics in Markham. Since 2000 I'm working for one of the major broadcasting networks, as a Senior Oracle Developer. In the same company there are 3 other former DEEDS students. I love my work and I love my new profession. DEEDS was the best thing that has happened to me in Canada. N. B.

I am a foreign professional who immigrated to Canada in 2003 from Colombia. I have an extensive background in information technology, working primarily as a COBOL/Oracle programmer. On arrival in Canada, I participated in ESL training to improve my communication skills and I was looking for an equivalent employment, too. I was able to find work, short-term contracts, as a Quality Assurance tester. While these contract positions were related to the information technology field, I asserted that the work involved significantly underutilized my current technical skills but on the other hand, my lack of web based development skills was a barrier to my current employability as a programmer. When my last contract was ended, I decided to enhance my technical skills and while researching for web technologies training, I found the E-Commerce and Internet Development program offered by the University of Toronto. Since I started the program, in July 2006, I have gained skills that allow to me to leverage my previous high tech background. The Project DEEDS has an excellent staff, the materials and facilities they have provided during the course are very good, so do the tests and assignments, which keep us extremely busy ... but it is worth it. Because it is such as a hands-on course, it feels very close to a real information technology department. Furthermore, I have learned a lot and I have had the opportunity of sharing with a warm and professional group. We are in the last month of the program and a new challenge has started: the coop work placement. We are waiting for new coop positions to show up. I am optimistic this training is the key to my ongoing professional success. E. A.

I'm so happy to tell you that after a 4 month coop placement at City of Mississauga I've signed a contract for 1 year to work at this company as an Application Developer. It would be not possible without all your help and assistance. Thanks a lot to All of you! G. N.

Thank you for the many clarifications. I copied it to you since I thought there were some things that might have required an official response. I am very happy with the training so far and hope to demonstrate at work the skills I acquired under the excellent and helpful tutors at the Project. The Coop Coordinator was also instrumental in helping me greatly improve the readability of my resume; and I do look forward to working with them in the future as may be necessary. M. B.

Hello Gillian, I got an offer to work with Home Hardware from next month. Thank you very much for all your support during and after DEEDS Program and also thanks to all DEEDS staff. Thank you. T. D.

Dear Gillian, It's time to craft the next incredible. The kit gained from DEEDS Project Oracle (the seed code, the learning process, the support, the can do confidence) enables me to do just that. Thank you for making it happen. R. C.

Dear Gillian, Thank you all once again and thanks to co-op office too for helping me find this job. I joined CIHI on 7th Jan. People at CIHI are very nice and really helpful. The work culture is great and to top it all I have a river-side view from my office. The task is to design a software that would run some edit checks on data submitted in flat files and report these errors. Hadn't it been for Deeds' course, I wouldn't have shown so much courage to develop this software on my own with just web and books as help as all the developers at CIHI are based in Toronto. I know I can always contact Travis, Rodolfo, Rod and Branka for help. They are the best. Deed's project is the best thing that happened to me in a long time. Oracle database, OC4J, JAVA technologies, XML and JDeveloper is being used at CIHI. This info is for co-op office and for future students if anyone's interested to join. They also use SAS. Oh and also Struts. They would be hiring co-op students again in April (but mostly in the testing area). I will keep track of it and stay in touch with co-op office at Toronto. Gillian, if I can be of any help please do let me know. It would be my pleasure to help Deeds in any way I can. Thanks ever and forever for this course and all the help. H. K.

It is an interesting story rather an event that made me to approach the DEEDS Project for the second time. When I approached the first time in 2004, I was asked to be on the wait list to get an admission into the program, I could not get an admission as no one cancelled their admission then, it is obvious. As I have mentioned before, I failed the test conducted by an employer who tested me in all kinds of java skills that I had little expertise to pass the test. So, I decided to approach Mrs. Gillian Long and told her that I had once before appeared for an entrance test with Deeds project and, then I was asked to be on waiting list. Within hours of my calling, Mrs. Long called me back and told me that I can join the program based on my previous scores and the work experiences. Meanwhile, why I have chosen Deeds project because, I wanted to consolidate my Java, Oracle, and J2EE in their latest edition so that I can meet the industry with knowledge and confidence. And, I thought, staff in the Deeds project, having their years of experience both in IT and research could identify the needs of the industry and in turn impart right training to their students. I was not proved wrong; each and every day I experience it from skillful teaching/trainings of Mr. Travis Capener or the kind methodical teachings- PL/SQL expertise- of Mr. Rodolfo Fiallos or the .NET training of Mr. Rod Mitchell or ever smiling but very firm in evaluations and day-to-day guidance of Ms. Branka Petrovic. With these collective acquired experiences, I am quite positive and confident that my assessment is right that I have made an excellent institution as my choice for furthering skills. University of Toronto provides the library, recreation and other facility using which I enjoy surfing the online Library to TTC discount passes to what not just like any other University of Toronto student. Thank you Deeds project and Mrs. Gillian Long for providing world class facilities and make my stay with Deeds project a useful, productive and enjoyable experience. We may have a little time constraint (six months) as pressure is on all of us. The positive side is that we are put to the industrial training right from day one of our project. The negative side is that, sometimes the learning needs more time to fully master the skills. Overall, this is an excellent opportunity for those who want to learn and earn. B. R.

Its been quite a while since I last talked to you. I just wanted to let you know that you guys are doing a wonderful job of carrying out this course. I had a Co-op at the City of Mississauga and now I am working there on a full-time 6 month contract basis as an Oracle Application Developer. They have recently upgraded to an Oracle 9i database and have also migrated towards Forms and Reports 6i and probably if all goes well and if they have the budget then most probably they will migrate to Oracle Forms and Reports 10g. The working environment is excellent over here and the people are very friendly. There are about 6 - 7 graduates of the DEEDS Project and two of them are permanent. This is really an eye opener for me. Don't worry I have kept up their expectations of the DEEDS Project. They liked my work in the Coop and still do. I will keep on surprising them. All the thanks goes to you guys and I think DEEDS Project is definitely worth every penny. Thank you and have a great week. A. A.

I am now working for Rogers Wireless doing work with databases. I have recently received a promotion with a hefty pay raise. I would never hesitate to recommend the DEEDS program. The program is comprehensive and leads to a frame of mind in which you can see the entire system, not just a single computer program. This perspective has helped me immensely in my career. Good luck to you. T. P.

I'm writing to let you know that as of July 12, 2004 I'm a new employee. I'll be working in the Corporate Application group, furthering my knowledge of Oracle (particularly PL/SQL and Forms). I want to thank you all! Please do make my gratitude extensible to all your group for all the help while in the course and the very good work done. The sacrifice of the last 6 months made me feel a lot better last week. I'll do my best to demonstrate that Deeds works and trains well! N. F.

Dear Gillian, I hope yourself and the DEEDS team are keeping well. I was meaning to write earlier to let you know how I was getting on after my experience at DEEDS project. Luckily after few months of job hunting, and some interviews I came by my current position with local government agency here in London UK, working with Oracle Financials (also called E-Business Suite 11i) which is a business area within Oracle Applications. I am currently working as Oracle Analyst/Programmer using Reports and maintaining forms and packages, of which Oracle Applications is based upon. The DEEDS experience definitely helped get me this position, as SQL and PL/SQL etc was all fresh in my mind. This coupled with the Oracle OCP Forms Certificate was of great benefit when trying to convince job agencies of my credentials etc. Give my appreciation to Travis, Rod, Branka and Rodolfo also. Wishing you all the best for Christmas & New Year. C. B.

I want to thank you and all the members of the DEEDS project for the course. It was a challenge and a fantastic learning experience. F. O.

Dear Gillian, I am writing this email to commend Branka and Paige on their support during the past six months. Last week, I accepted a full time position as a Business Systems Analyst with an I.T. consulting firm in Toronto. It was as if Branka and Paige knew my future all along: a great job with great pay would be coming my way. Branka and Paige have both done excellent work in their respective positions. As well, they have provided much needed moral support during those bleak moments when I doubted my future and wondered how I would ever support my family. I am not sure I would have continued with the program without their help and support. I am grateful to these women and to the DEEDS program. Many thanks. T. P.

Hello, Thank you very much to DEEDS Project and I will never forget. I have been very exciting and can't sleep overnight. Finally, I got job offer for Application Developer at Perfit Computer. I will start working on December 2, 2005. As you know that currently, I work as cook (which I am going to resign), this chance is giving me and my family a new life. Best wishes for all. P. P.

Hi All, I would like to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be part of this course. It has not only added a whole lot more to my knowledge, it was a learning experience in every way, and it has certainly helped me in my objectives. Yesterday late afternoon I received the offer of employment from Perfit Computers. I must say that that was the my happiest hour in Canada so far - because I really wanted the job - half of it is because it pays and it's a real permanent position, and in an IT field (Oracle/J2EE). The other half is because I find that the work that the team will be doing is really interesting. The team will be looking to create a java-based application version of their oracle forms application - and I must say that it is a huge application! So, again, thank you to all !!! I will definitely recommend this course!!! J. E.

I would like to say thank you for your patience in answering my questions and helping me with my assignments. I got high marks and I hope it will help me to find a co-op placement. As for me, tomorrow, on Dec 13, I am going to Mississauga City Hall for an interview for a software developer co-op position. D. K.

Last week i started to work at the City at Mississauga as an Oracle Developer. There's a girl in my team who also graduated from DEEDS 5 years ago. I learn a lot, the database is huge and complex. I mostly work on Oracle Reports and Forms. I think this Co-op placement is great and it gives me a chance to become a real IT professional. It wouldn't be possible without your help. I am very greatful. T. L.

Hello DEEDs team: Herewith I would like to say thanks to Gillian Long, Project Manager DEED Project for her exceptional student services and support for our course. I also thank Rudolfo, Rod and Branka, for sharing their knowledge and helping me during my study. I also thank to Danara and Jennifer for their hard work in job research and sending my resume to various employers for my career and job search project. Please let me know new coop, Paid :-))... hope I wish and expect your help for my study and job search. I wish all the best. Thank you very much. Well, you must have wide network in software industries. Let me know if someone is looking for software developer or if you have contacts, or you know somebody, to whom I can speak and discuss my resume with him/her. H. P.

Hello Gillian, I hope everything is going smoothly with the latest intake of students. I am now two days into my new job as Business Analyst with EMC Software. Overall I couldn't be happier with the way my new career is starting, and I am grateful to you and all the DEEDS staff for offering such a tremendous program. T. R.

I got a very good job offer as Java Consultant with great salary package in CGI. I am so grateful to all my teachers specially Gillian, Travis Capener ,Rodolfo Fiallos, Rod Mitchell and Branka Petrovic. All this is possible with your help and support, Thanks for your great efforts. S. Z.

Dear Teachers. I've decided to write you a small note, thanking all of you for your help. You all are an excellent teacher and you all have inspired me, helped me individually, as a group to continue learning with an open and positive mind. I appreciate all your hard work, it's meant so much to me. I am at IESO working on On-Line Forms Project will be working on everything I learn from Deeds course so far I am working on Test Plan and understanding business requirements, it's very promising Job and great people. Once again, thank you so much for your time, expertise and patience! Z. M.

My job as a Programmer Analyst ended last year October but i just got another job as a Business System Analyst with CI Investment in downtown Toronto. It was nice undertaking the Deeds program and i say thumbs up for the entire team. I wish you and the entire Deeds team the very best in your endeavour. C. A.

I graduated in 2005. And only because of the training I've got deep Oracle knowledge and certification. I'd like to say thank you for everything that I've got from DEEDS. I. K.

Thank you and all DEEDS project staff for teaching. I have just passed 1Z0-147 Program with PL/SQL test (63 correct answers from 66). I. K.

Hello, I am so pleased to inform you that I started my job as a Senior Application Software Developer in BMO (Bank of Montreal) on March 17. I want to say THANK YOU for all your helps, excellent training and support that lead me to such a great job. Thank you again and I wish you the best in your life. N. G.

Dear Gillian, I have been hired by CIHI as Programmer/Analyst, a permanent/full-time position based in Toronto. My overall experience with CIHI has been extremely satisfying in the Co-op position at Ottawa. I have added so much to my skill set. I would like to thank Professor Gervers, Travis, Rodolfo, Rod, Branka, Co-op office and you once again. Thanks a million. Thank you for making my dreams come true. H. K.

Hello All, I am very pleased to let you know that with all your help and support I got a job . It is a full time permanent position as a Reporting Analyst. I would like to thank every one kindly for supporting me to get back to job market . Best Regards. H. L.