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Study Abroad Programs

Students in the Dr. David Chu Program in Asia-Pacific Studies have a number of opportunities to study abroad, many of which are funded. In recent years, our students have taken part in field schools in Indonesia and Taiwan, and Internationalized Course Modules (ICMs) in Korea and Indonesia. We also encourage students to apply for the Dr. David Chu Scholarships to fund trips to Asia for semester exchange programs, summer abroad courses, language study, or independent field research. See the Asia Pacific Reader's blogs and the annual journal Passages to read about our students' experiences in Asia.

Extra-curricular Opportunities

Asia Pacific Reader - a unique online resource that fosters interdisciplinary academic exploration of contemporary Asia. It publishes essays, photo essays, blogs, and articles about the Asia Pacific, including the annual online journal Passages. Rather than just a website, the APR is built to be a community centre, growing from the experience and knowledge of the community as a whole. Set up to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and debate on issues facing contemporary Asia, APR seeks to deepen the academic exploration of issues and challenges facing Asia today. If you are interested in joining this student initiative by becoming an editor or a contributor, contact the current editors at

The Pan-Asia Student Society (PASS) is the affiliated undergraduate student group of the Dr. David Chu Asia Pacific Studies at the University of Toronto. It was founded in 2010 by students in the Asia Pacific Studies program and was formerly known as the Asia Pacific Club. In 2010-2011 school year, it organized two Career Panels in Asia and the 1000 Crane Fundraiser. The group strives to strengthen students’ understanding towards contemporary Asia from a global perspective in a non-classroom setting. Through organizing social, cultural, academic and professional events related to Pan-Asia, the group also sets to enhance students’ interest for the region. In 2011-2012 school year, notable events presented or co-sponsored by PASS includes the Pan-Asia Cultural Showcase, Pan-Asia Career Panel Series, Pan-Chinese Patriotism and Postwar Hong Kong’s Cantonese Cinema, and the INDePth Conference.

Jobs, Careers and Internships

Every year, the Asian Institute hires a number of work-study students to help with office work and event organization. These positions are posted on the U of T Career Centre website each fall.

With language skills and area expertise, graduates of the Dr. David Chu Program are well-equipped for a number of exciting and lucrative careers with ample opportunities to travel. Possible career paths include: teaching, research, business, international trade, policy and research, journalism, international development, law, foreign service work, and non-governmental organizations. For a list of relevant job search websites, please visit the Asia Pacific Reader wiki.

The Dr. David Chu Program will soon offer annual internship placements in Canada and Asia, with spaces reserved exclusively for our students. Please check back soon for details.

Language Study Resources

Research Resources

The Asia Pacific Studies Academic Community

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