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Student Resources

Study Programs

The CSK does not itself offer any teaching programs but supports courses on Korea throughout the Faculty of Arts and Science. Please see the Department of East Asian Studies website for further information.

The Asian Institute created a new, relevant undergraduate program, Contemporary Asian Studies (CAS). The CAS Program provides a multidisciplinary, pan-Asian, and thematically driven lens through which to understand the complexities of today’s Asia. For information please see www.utoronto.ca/cas


The Faculty of Arts and Science has a number of exchange programs with Korea.


The CSK promotes four scholarships generously offered by the Korea-Canada Scholarship Association. For more information, see the Korean Studies Scholarships.

Graduate Studies on Korea

The University of Toronto is an exciting place to pursue the study of the history, culture and society of Korea within the wider contexts of global modernity, the neoliberal order and critical theory. Click here to continue reading