Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections

Employment Interviewing Services


Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections will provide the opportunity for institutions to conduct employment interviews. We expect over 3000 college, conservatory, and university faculty and students to attend the conference. We hope your institution will find it a useful complement to its other faculty recruitment and employment hiring practices.

The fall 2000 conference will attract both specialists in the various areas within the discipline and generalists within our profession. Institutions seeking to fill faculty vacancies requiring (a) variety of teaching capabilities, (b) an interest and expertise in interdisciplinary pursuits, and/or (c) specific skills in the music specialties will find a wealth of potential candidates at Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections.

Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections will offer rooms for interviewing during five time periods:

     * Friday morning and afternoon, 3  November;
     * Saturday morning and afternoon, 4  November;

     * Sunday morning, 5  November.

The cost of each four-hour time period is US$75.00. The conference will provide a room with a table and chairs. Coffee and tea service can be added for an additional $35.00 per time period.

If you choose to conduct interviews in Toronto this fall, the conference will do everything possible to promote your interview sessions in its printed publicity prior to the meeting.  An announcement will be included in the conference program, and special designations will be placed in The College Music Society's Music Vacancy List identifying your institution as a conference interviewer.  In addition, the CMS will assist as needed with the scheduling of interviews during the course of the conference.

We hope you will include Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections in your efforts to fill faculty vacancies during the 2000-2001 academic year. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with The College Music Society if you have any questions. CMS may be reached by calling (406) 721-9616 or by electronic mail at We hope to see you in Toronto.



Employment Interviewing Services

Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections
2-5 November 2000

Sheraton Centre Hotel
Toronto, Ontario


Name of Institution:__________________________________________________________


City-State/Province-Zip/Postal Code:______________________________________________

Telephone:_______________                Fax:_________________

E-Mail:__________________               Web site:_____________

Name(s) of Person(s) Responsible for the Interview Session(s):___________________________

Indicate the number of rooms needed in each time period:

_____ Friday morning, 3  November - Beverage Service?   Yes   No

_____ Friday afternoon, 3  November - Beverage Service?   Yes   No

_____ Saturday morning, 4  November - Beverage Service?   Yes   No

_____ Saturday afternoon, 4  November - Beverage Service?  Yes  No

_____ Sunday morning, 5  November - Beverage Service?   Yes   No

To hold the interviewing space, please remit the balance due with this application.

Send the completed application and remittance to:

The College Music Society
202 West Spruce Street
Missoula, Montana  59802

Telephone: (406) 721-9616
Facsimile: (406) 721-9419

We must receive the following information by 1 September 2000 in order to include your organization in the program book. We hope you will join us in Toronto!