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CogSci @ U of T : Join the Program

Some simple tips regarding how to join the program are provided below. For detailed official information, please check the University College section of the Arts and Science Calendar and the Arts and Science enrolment page. Note that cognitive Science is a "Type 2" program.

To join from high school

  • First apply to the University of Toronto.
  • After joining U of T, take COG250 Introduction to Cognitive Science during your first year and do well in the course.
  • At the end of your first year, enrol in the Cognitive Science program.

Note:It is highly recommended that you join CASA as soon as you start at U of T.

To join from U of T

Note: It is highly recommended that you join CASA now!

To Join CASA

Independent of your enrolment in the program, we highly recommend that you join CASA, the CogSci AI Students Association, to get the student perspecitive on the program, gain access to the wonderful resources at the CASA office (UC 41), hear about the numerous CASA activities and events, and socialize with a group of exciting and interesting fellow students.

Joining CASA is as simple as subscribing to the CASA mailing list.

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