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CogSci @ U of T : Courses

The program offers a set of core cognitive science courses. Other courses required are offered by the various cognate departments, including the departments of anthropology, computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, and pscychology.

Core CogSci Courses

The following four courses are taught by the program faculty:

COG250: Introduction to Cognitive Science

This is a year-long course offered every year. It is regularly taught by Dr. John Vervaeke, winner of the U of T 2000-2001 SAC-APUS Teaching Award. Below are some quotations from the Anti-Calendar (a critical review of U of T courses and instructors produced by the Arts and Science Students' Union at U of T) on COG250 (formerly UNI250, JUP250) and Dr. John Vervaeke:

Many felt that this was the best course and instructor they’d had at UofT so far. (The 2001-2002 Anticalendar.)

Students felt that this was an amazing course taught by an excellent instructor. (The 2000-2001 Anticalendar.)

Students seemed to have only good things to say about Vervaeke. ... Many felt he was one of the best instructors they'd ever had. (The 1999-2000 Anticalendar)

Click here to read the course description of UNI250. Click here for the UNI250 course webpage.

COG401: Advanced Cognitive Science

This is a fourth year seminar. Its topic may vary from year to year.

The topic for Winter 2007 was "Consciousness and Objectivity". Click here for the description of COG401.


Courses From Cognate Disciplines

Besides the core courses in cognitive science, students also take courses in the following subjects.

Computer science: courses include those dealing with artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, computational vision, computational linguistics, and computational neuroscience.

Linguistics: courses include those dealing with language acquisition, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and the psychology of language,

Philosophy: courses include those dealing with logic, critical reasoning, consciousness and the mind, the philosophy of science, and the philosophy of language.

Psychology: courses include those dealing with attention, perception, memory, reasoning and problem solving, and cognitive development.

In addition students often take related courses in fields such as neuroscience, anthropology, and semiotics.

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