Undergraduate Awards & Scholarships

The Norman Jewison Fellowship in Film Studies:

Established in 1985, this $10,000 award recognizes an outstanding University of Toronto student graduating with a Specialist or Major in Cinema Studies and proceeding to further study in film. Letters of recommendation from at least two Faculty members are required with each application. Recipients must be able to show proof of acceptance to a graduate program in Cinema and/or Media Studies to receive their award.

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Director & Producer: Fiddler on the Roof, A Soldier's Story
Director & Co-Producer: Moonstruck,The Hurricane
(Photo Credit: "Peter Bregg/HELLO!")

The Janet E. Macdonald Scholarship in Cinema Studies:

Established in 1984, this award is made to a Victoria University student with high overall standing in his or her first or second year who obtains the highest standing in INI 115Y. Consult Victoria University regarding award stipulations and selection process.

►The Linda Schuyler Cinema Studies Award:

Established in 2007, this award is made to an academically deserving undergraduate student enrolled in a Specialist or Major in Cinema Studies who is entering third or fourth year, and who demonstrates financial need. Receipt of the award is contingent on re-registration in the Faculty of Arts and Science and enrolment in Cinema Studies courses. Either a University of Toronto Grant Application is to be completed or the recipient must have been identified as having financial need based on the University of Toronto's criteria.

CEO, Epitome Pictures Inc.
Co-creator & Executive Producer: Degrassi
(Photo Credit: "Stephen Scott")

The Nathan A. Taylor Scholarship in Film Studies:

Established to honour Nathan Taylor, a pioneer in film exhibition and distribution in Canada, this scholarship is awarded to an Innis College student who has completed at least 13 credits and no more than 17 credits with at least a 3.5 sessional grade point average. The candidate should also show promise of making a significant contribution to the field of Cinema Studies in the future. In the event that there is no qualified candidate from Innis College, the award may be made to a qualified candidate from another college. The recipient must register at University of Toronto during the next Winter Session and be enrolled in the Major or Specialist Program in Cinema Studies. The scholarship may not be awarded to the same candidate more than once.

The Aron Avraham Tanny Scholarship in Cinema Studies:

Established in 2005, in partnership with the Tanny family, this scholarship is in tribute to the memory of Aron Avraham Tanny, his passion for the cinema and his dream of a career in film. The award is made to a third or fourth year student (full or part-time) from any Arts and Science College enrolled in the Cinema Studies program, who demonstrates academic excellence and financial need. Ontario residency is required. Application required; the recipient must have been identified as having financial need based on the University's criteria.