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F = Fall, S = Spring, Y = year-long course, H = half-course


2013-14 Course Offerings

Modified March 28, 2013: Please note that these are tentative course offerings for 2013-14.

CIN Courses

CIN1100HF: The Textual Object
Corinn Columpar
Tuesdays 10-12, Thursdays 10-12
Location IN222 (Tuesdays), IN223 (Thursdays)
CIN1101HF: Theories and Practices of the Cinema
James Cahill
Mondays 10-12, Wednesdays 10-12
Location IN313 (Mondays), Media Commons Room 1, Robarts Library (Wednesdays)
CIN1102HS: Key Developments in Film History
Charlie Keil
Mondays 10-12, Thursdays 10-12
Location IN223
CIN1005HS L0103: Special Studies in Cinema - Cinematic Cities
Bart Testa
Fridays 12-4
Location IN223
CIN1005HF L0303: Special Studies in Cinema: The Reality of Electronic Media (*new* - June 26)
Meghan Sutherland
Mondays 3-7
Location IN223
CIN1006Y: Major Research Paper in Cinema Studies
CIN1007Y: Internship in Cinema Studies
CIN2101HF: Pressures on the Cinematic
Nic Sammond
Tuesdays 10-12, Wednesdays 10-12
Location IN223
JFF1100HF: Surrealism & French Cinema
James Cahill
Tuesdays 4-8
Location IN313
JGF1773HF: Autobiographical Documentation
Angelica Fenner
Tuesdays 1-3, Thursdays 12-2
Location IN313

Non-CIN Courses

The availability of these courses offered outside of the Cinema Studies Institute may be subject to factors outside our control. This is not an exhaustive list, and more Cinema-related courses will be added to this page soon. If there is a discrepancy between the times listed here, the host institution's website is assumed to be more up-to-date.


Updated March 28, 2013