CIN260H1S Selected Topics in Cinema Studies

New Media


Instructor: Aubrey Anable

Mondays 2-5

DR=HUM; BR=1 (1) Creative and Cultural Representations

Course Description:

From YouTube videos and animated GIFs to the immersive worlds of video games and digital 3D films, new media have altered our relationship to moving images. This course will examine the transformations of moving images brought about by the emergence of computer-based visual culture from the 1960s to the present. Students will learn key concepts in new media studies through varied examples, from early hypermedia and virtual reality to digital cinema, video games, crowdsourced entertainment, and viral video culture. Course readings will build upon and expand existing models of analysis from film, media, and cultural studies. Assignments will develop students’ skills to analyze new media as visual, textual, and interactive objects; as technologies and the products of socio-historical forces; and as a transdisciplinary field of knowledge.

Units will be organized around keywords and concepts (networks, code, interactivity, platforms, etc.) and will emphasize thinking about new media with new media. Students will be required to use but also to analyze their use of these new technologies; no special expertise with computers or other gadgets is necessary, but work involving one or several of them will be assigned. 






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