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first peoples


Click here to see our First People's Poster.

To see Bios and Summaries of the Presenters for the First People's Curriculum click here.

The First Peoples Subcommittee of the Health Promotion Summer School honours and promotes First Peoples traditional health care models, concepts, processes and culturally appropriate community-based health services in Ontario.

The First Peoples' Subcommittee is made up of representatives of urban and on-reserve community-based organizations from across the province. This Committee plans and organizes the First Peoples Stream of the Summer School in partnership with the HPSS Steering Committee. We endeavor to provide a traditional and culturally appropriate curriculum.

The HPSS 2009 First Peoples' curriculum will be based on the current theme in relation to the Medicine Wheel and include workshops and toolbox sessions with teachings, demonstrations, discussions, singing and dancing and other activities. Those wishing to participate in First Peoples curriculum must select Series 1 on their registration form.

Listen to Pepper Lazore and Walter J. Cooke talk about the First Peoples' program.
Click here to view participants dance and drum at the HPSS 2006 First People's Banquet! QuickTime movie

The First Peoples' Committee of the Summer School provides an outdoor tipi. The tipi of the Northern Plains Aboriginals is much more than a shelter. It embodies many of the values important to Native traditions and culture. The fifteen poles represent values of Obedience, Respect, Humility, Happiness, Love, Faith, Kinship, Cleanliness, Thankfulness, Sharing Strength, Good Child Rearing, Hope, Ultimate Protection and Control Flaps.

The Committee also organizes cultural events open to all participants. Each year, there is First Peoples Feast with entertainment, as well as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

The Opening and Closing Ceremony is done in a traditional Anishnawbek manner. They are ceremonies where four sacred medicines will be burned: tobacco, cedar, sage and sweet grass.

This particular ceremony is as old as time. All original Nations have their own ways to do this. It is not acceptable to consider one way better than another. Instead, all ceremonies are highly regarded and respected for their sacred nature.

Anishnawbek Way brings a holistic approach that integrates spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects of ourselves and the world around us. Through the process of opening and closing, we literally explore what surrounds us and what is inside us. We want to ensure that we are gathering everything we need to carry out the tasks ahead. It is to help bring the body, mind and spirit of each of us together. Ceremony also reminds of us how we are to behave in a balanced manner for the benefit of ourselves and generations that will follow.

We welcome everyone to join in ceremony as we open and close the Health Promotion Summer School.

Schedule - Series1
Bios and Summaries - Series 1
Bios and Summaries - Toolbox Sessions

First Peoples' Subcommittee

Vivian Recollet, Shkagamik Kwe Health Centre, Sudbury (Chair)
Sabrina Boucher, Anishnawbe Mushkiki Aboriginal Community Health Centre, Thunder Bay
Walter Cooke,Traditional Elder, De dwa da dehs nye>s Aboriginal Health Centre, Hamilton/Brantford
Bernice Downey, Consultant, Mino a ya win Consulting, Hamilton
Geraldine Ense-McGregor, M'Chigeeng Health Services, M'Chigeeng, Manitoulin Island
Rochelle Ethier, Aboriginal People's Alliance of Northern Ontario (APANO), Sudbury
Shannon Gustafson, Anishnawbe Mushkiki Aboriginal Community Health Centre, Thunder Bay
Renée Leblanc, Student, Laurentian University, Sudbury
Lisa Weintraub, Coordinator, HPSS

All HPSS participants are welcome and encouraged to register/participate in these activities and series.


The Francophone Subcommittee of the Health Promotion Summer School facilitates the development of a linguistically and culturally appropriate curriculum for Francophones. The committee is comprised of representatives of organizations from across the province. The Subcommittee plans and organizes the Francophone stream of the Summer School in partnership with the Steering Committee.

The French-language Series will be based on the overall theme HPSS 2009, and is called Series 2. Series 2 sessions will be offered throughout the week.

French-language sessions:
Workshops, Small Group, Toolbox and Personal Development sessions will be offered in French over the three days, with periods of integration with other streams.
For more information, please see the French-language version of the website.

Subsidies for those working or living in Ontario, attending French-language sessions
Thanks to special funding, partial subsidies (for travel and lodging only) will be awarded to Summer School participants interested in joining the French-language component of the Summer School (Only those working and living in Ontario are eligible if they attend Series 2 French-language sessions).

Please indicate your interest in receiving a subsidy on the registration form in the appropriate place. Also: please contact our Summer School Coordinator immediately after you have registered at 416-469-4632 or at hpss@rogers.com.

Schedule - Series 2
Bios and Summaries - Series 2
Bios and Summaries - Toolbox Sessions

Francophone Subcommittee
Denise Hébert, Santé publique Ottawa (Chair)
Mary Cerré, Office de la santé publique du Canada
Antoine Derose, Centre de toxicomanie et de santé mentale (CTSM)
Jasmine Thibault, Centre francophone de Toronto
Sylvie Boulet, Nexus santé
Lisa Weintraub, coordonnatrice, HPSS


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