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eHealth Promotion: Connecting Communities and Resources in the 21st Century

Preschool Session

Opening and Closing Plenary Sessions

Opening and Closing Ceremony

Series 1: First Peoples' Curriculum
Series 2: French Language Curriculum
Series 3: General Curriculum

Small Group Sessions
Toolbox Sessions
Personal Development Workshops

Community Networking and Exchange



The Ontario Health Promotion Summer School consists of many kinds of classes and presentations. We begin the week on Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. (following registration - which begins at 8:00 a.m.) with a warm welcome for all participants including a special audio-visual presentation highlighting Francophone culture and diversity as well as a First Peoples' Opening Ceremony led by two Elders.

During this week participants will separate by Series --those registered for Series 1 workshops (The First Peoples' curriculum). Those registered for Series 2 workshops (French-language curriculum) will meet each other in a 'Small Group' session. And those registered for Series 3, will meet and work together for their first Core Session.

Each Series has five (5) sessions offered throughout the week - these sessions are called 'Core Sessions'. Each participant will have a schedule for the Series that they have registered for, to guide them throughout the Summer School.

Pre-selection of Series when registering is mandatory.

Participants in Series 1 and 3 will work in smaller groups twice during the week - once on Wednesday and again on Thursday (See description below: Small Groups)

All participants will attend two Toolbox Sessions; one set is offered on Wednesday and another on Thursday. (See description below: Toolbox Sessions). Pre-registration is mandatory.

Participants CAN attend the First Peoples' Banquet and Personal Development Workshops but they are NOT mandatory. Pre-registration is mandatory, however.

PRESCHOOL CLASSES (offered on Tuesday preceding Summer School) ARE AN OPTIONAL ADDITION FOR PARTICIPANTS AT SUMMER SCHOOL. Pre-registration is mandatory. (See description below: Preschool).


THEME: eHealth Promotion: Connecting Communities and Resources in the 21st Century

The theme for this HPSS 2009 will be the focus of opening and closing plenary sessions, core sessions and toolbox presentations. Below is a description of this theme.

An opportunity to experience

Health Promotion from different cultural perspectives and learn about:

eHealth Promotion: Connecting Communities and Resources in the 21st Century

Information and communications technologies have evolved quickly over the last ten years. As a result, health promotion practitioners can reach out to phenomenal numbers of people across great geographical regions in real time and engage them in ways never imagined before.

At HPSS 2009 we will explore how we can sustain a human component in our use of technology, the opportunities as well as the pitfalls and challenges posed by eHealth. HPSS 2009 will provide an exciting opportunity to learn more about interactive technologies, photovoice, Facebook, virtual libraries, portals, databases, information systems, evaluation tools, and more. We will explore the ways in which technology can help us improve our work with people, the eHealth literacy skills we need, the health effects, Web-based tools for research and evaluation, how we can engage electronic networks for social support, and the latest in health education methods using information technology.

Participants will be able to return to their workplaces having learned how to stay ahead or at least 'keep up with' new technologies before the next generation of people and technology get ahead of us again.


Tuesday July 7, 2009

Preschool sessions provide an overview of health promotion concepts and principles.

Lunch is included for those registered in the full-day of Preschool (A + B or C).
Please indicate on your registration form whether you will be staying for lunch.

Note: Preschool sessions are offered in English only.

Three courses are available to choose from:

Preschool A: Health Promotion 101 (10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.)
This workshop is designed for newcomers to the field and those who require a refresher, providing an introduction to general concepts in health promotion.

Fee: $50 per participant (course materials and snacks included)
Instructor: Suzanne Jackson

Preschool B: Health Promotion and Evaluation (1:00 to 4:30 p.m.)
This workshop is designed for newcomers to the field and those who require a refresher, providing an introduction to general concepts in evaluation in health promotion.

Fee: $100 per participant (course materials and snacks included)
Instructor: Robb Macdonald

Preschool C: Free and Easy-to-Learn Accessible Technologies for Health Promoters (1:00 to 4:30 p.m.)

This workshop is designed for newcomers to no-charge and easy-to-use electronic technologies that can support health promoters in their practice. 

Fee: $100 per participant (course materials and snacks included)
Instructor: Cameron Norman

REGISTRATION MANDATORY: Please indicate your choices on the registration form.

Click here to vie Bios and Summaries - PreSchool

HPSS CURRICULUM - July 8,9 and 10


Opening Plenary

Health Promotion in the Age of the Internet
Cameron Norman, PhD, Assistant Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

Networked technologies like the Internet have transformed the way people communicate, learn, and interact in ways that cross many of the boundaries that health promotion has worked between. From desktop computers to mobile handsets, these tools and technologies enable health promotion to engage disparate groups in profoundly new ways and on a scale and low cost that was once unthinkable. Examples of how information technologies engage people on health issues  and the challenges that these strategies present will be framed in a discussion of health promotion in the age of the Internet. 

Closing Plenary

An inspirational keynote presentation will be offered by Peter Selby, Clinical Director, CAMH, Associate Professor, Depts. of Family & Community Medicine, Psychiatry, and Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto. 

Reality Check: Stories about the Human Factors in Using Technology

This presentation will take place at the closing of the Summer School - Friday July 10 (1:30 - 3:00 p.m.) to help bring participants from all curriculum areas together for learning and reflection. 

The presentation will focus on the human factors involved in the use of technology for reaching different population groups, including the diverse communities of Ontario, First Peoples and Francophone.


The Opening and Closing Ceremony is done in a traditional Anishnawbek manner. It is ceremony. At both ceremonies the four sacred medicines will be burned: tobacco, cedar, sage and sweet grass.

This particular ceremony is as old as time. All original Nations have their own ways to do this. It is not acceptable to consider one ‘way’ better than another. Instead, all ceremonies are highly regarded and respected for their sacred nature.

Anishnawbek Way brings a holistic approach that integrates spiritual, physical, mental and emotional aspects of ourselves and the world around us. Through the process of opening and closing, we literally explore what surrounds us and what is inside us. We want to ensure that we are gathering everything we need to carry out the tasks ahead. It is to help bring the body, mind and spirit of each of us together. Ceremony also reminds of us how we are to behave in a balanced manner for the benefit of ourselves and generations that will follow.

We welcome everyone to join in ceremony as we open and close the Health Promotion Summer School.


Participants are asked to select one of three Series offered (when registering). The participant will attend five (5) Core Sessions within their Series, offered throughout the week.

The following choice of series is offered:

* Series 1: First Peoples' Series: The Medicine Wheel (open to all)

The First Peoples' Subcommittee is made up of representatives of urban and on-reserve community-based organizations from across the province. This Committee plans and organizes the First Peoples Stream of the Summer School in partnership with the HPSS Steering Committee. We endeavor to provide a traditional and culturally appropriate curriculum.

The HPSS 2009 First Peoples' curriculum will be based on the current theme in relation to the Medicine Wheel and include workshops and toolbox sessions with teachings, demonstrations, discussions, singing and dancing and other activities.
For more information, visit First Peoples Curriculum page on Website.

Schedule - Series 1
Bios and Summaries - Series 1

* Series 2: French Language Series (open to all, offered in French only)

The Francophone Subcommittee of the Health Promotion Summer School facilitates the development of a linguistically and culturally appropriate curriculum for Francophones. The committee is comprised of representatives of organizations from across the province. The Subcommittee plans and organizes the Francophone stream of the Summer School in partnership with the Steering Committee.

Workshops, Small Group, Toolbox and Personal Development sessions will be offered in French over the three days, with periods of integration with other streams.
For more information, please see the French-language version of the website.

Schedule - Series 2
Bios and Summaries - Series 2

* Series 3: General Series (open to all)

An integrated set of five Core Sessions will be offered within Series 3 build around core health promotion competencies.

Participants are advised NOT to consider attending workshops within different series.

Two Small Group sessions are part of Series 1 and 3, designed to deepen learning and practical application. (see Small Group Sessions description below)

Schedule - Series 3
Bios and Summaries - Series 3


Small Group sessions will be available in both English and in French. These sessions offer a greater in-depth and more interactive exploration of material presented in the larger group series.

Participants will attend Small Group sessions associated with the Series that they have chosen.

Each Small Group will stay together and meet two (2) times (except those participating in Series 2 (French-language sessions), who will meet once only.


A range of 90-minute Toolbox sessions (practical hands-on workshops) will be open to all participants. Participants must choose two (2) different Toolbox sessions when they register.

We will contact you to make your selection, once you have registered.

Bios and Summaries - Toolbox Sessions
List of Toolbox Sessions


Personal development workshops are extra-curricular  time-out sessions HPSS participants. These sessions contribute to reducing or managing stress and improving self-care and learning.

Three PD Sessions are available at HPSS 2009::

TUESDAY JULY 7, 7:30 - 9:00 p.m.
Healing Circles with our Elder Jan Kahehti:io Longboat. ( Jan is a traditional healer, herabilst and counsellor).

THURSDAY JULY 9, 7:30 - 9:00 p.m.
Yoga (with Seodhna Keown)

THURSDAY JULY 9, 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.
introduction to Hip-Hop (with Sabra Ripley)


The Ontario Health Promotion Summer School is an excellent venue for professional networking. Participants bring a wide variety of backgrounds, expertise and cultural experience.

We provide many opportunities for exchange and dialogue, in an informal setting and in classes and presentations. Information about informal networking opportunities will be posted at the Summer School.


Non-profit organizations with a health-promotion related mission are entitled to put educational materials out for HPSS participants, provided they are not for sale. There is no charge for this. The Centre for Health Promotion reserves the right to refuse display of materials if deemed inappropriate.

The following guidelines must be followed:

a) All materials that are shipped to the facility in advance must be marked to the attention of 'Lisa Weintraub, Health Promotion Summer School, U of T', and labelled 'Box 1 of 3', 'Box 2 of 3' etc. Please make sure that packages weigh less than 75 pounds.

b) Those who are bringing their materials with them can bring them any time from Tuesday, July 7 at 11 a.m. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT MATERIALS BE SET UP FOR DISPLAY ON TUESDAY (PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING OF HPSS).

c) Agencies must ensure that ALL materials on their display table are removed on Friday, July 10, no later than 12:30 p.m.

d) It is NOT necessary to have an individual 'staffing' the display table (most interest in display tables takes place during breaks and lunchtime); agencies cannot send an individual to HPSS to staff the table, unless they are registered as a participant.

e) Contact Coordinator for more information, if required.

Please let us know on your registration form if you would like your name and coordinates to be added.

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