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Second International Symposium on the Effectiveness of Health Promotion

May 28 to 30, 2001
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(For papers presented at the First International Symposium on the Effectiveness of Health Promotion, please see under 'Series in Health Promotion'.)

About the Symposium

Please click here for the brochure (PDF file).

Papers Presented at the Symposium

Advocacy For Healthy Public Policy As A Health Promotion Technology
Michael McCubbin, Ph.D., Ronald Labonte, Ph.D., Bernadette Dallaire, Ph.D.
MS Word, 177KB

Community development: How effective is it as an approach in health promotion?
John Raeburn, Tim Corbett
MS Word, 187 KB

Effectiveness of Mass Media Health Campaigns Slides and Paper
Vicki Freimuth
PowerPoint, 207KB and MS Word, 48KB

Generalizing From Idiosyncratic Research to "Best Practices" in other Settings and Populations
Lawrence Green
MS Word, 91 KB

Promoting Health Through Organizational Change
Harvey Skinner  Ph.D
MS Word, 86 KB

Reviewing the Evidence on the Effectiveness of Health Education: Methodological Considerations
Alison Taub
MS Word, 118 KB

The Effectiveness of Policy in Health Promotion and Appendix
Nic Doyle
MS Word, 133 KB and 62KB


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