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What We Offer

The Centre offers opportunities for larger gatherings outside of single congregations.


  1. Ecumenical Clergy or Ministerial workshops and retreats.
  2. Synod and Conference-wide growth and learning opportunities.
  3. Presbytery, Association and Diocesan enrichment events.
  4. Church leadership events, such as elders' conferences, or workshops for leaders of an individual congregation.



Available from the Centre upon request, subject to individual and congregational circumstances.

For more information about any of these opportunities contact us.



The Centre offers opportunities for care, support and nurture of Clergy, Lay Leaders and Congregations.


The Centre offers opportunities for clergy to consider a variety of issues facing those in ministry.

Within a supportive community, through spiritual exercises and reflection, areas including the following can be explored:

  • the changing culture of society and church
  • issues of identity
  • reaffirming the Call
  • contemporary concepts of Spirituality
  • family and ministry
  • creating support models
  • current research on the well-being of clergy
  • the evolving theology of ministry and self-care


The Centre offers opportunities for lay leaders from congregations to examine together issues such as:

  • Church and the 21st century
  • a theology of church and ministry
  • leadership training
  • characteristics of a healthy church
  • being part of the ministry Team
  • strengthening the church as caring community
  • engaging the culture


Individual congregations may seek support to examine their unique needs. An ongoing process within the congregation may be available, dependent on the Centre's resources.

Areas congregations may wish tailored to their unique circumstances include:

  • developing a vision for the church
  • congregational and community analysis
  • equipping leadership
  • fostering healthy relationships in the church
  • engaging the community

NOTE: The services of the Centre must involve both the congregation and its clergy in order to be effective.


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