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Did you know that research in Canada shows that many clergy experience...

- issues of identity

- lack of meaningful relationships

- disconnect between Calling and task

- little support from the collegial system

Congregations pay the price!

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The Centre was established in 2006 by Emmanuel College (United Church of Canada) and Knox College (Presbyterian Church in Canada) at the University of Toronto for the purpose of supporting clergy well-being and congregational health.

This endeavour was prompted by the continuing request from denominations and clergy of many traditions to assist both ministers and congregations as the church in Canada faces what can best be described as a crisis.

Emmanuel College

Initial research generously funded by the Beatty Ryckman Trust provided data and broader information which enabled a vision to develop for the Centre.
On April 5th, 2006 the Centre was officially launched.

The Centre seeks to be truly ecumenical, with resource people prepared to work with all clergy and churches. While the Centre is physically located at Knox College in Toronto, it is ready to serve any province or region of Canada. As more programs are offered, we continue to look for partners to journey with us sharing financial and other resources.

Knox College

A New Chapter for the Centre in 2011

The Centre is excited to be entering a new phase in its ministry. After operating with an Advisory Board for accountability, as of the end of 2010 the Centre is now incorporated in its own right.
As of June, 2011 we have achieved charitable status and are excited for the doors this opens to us.

Our Advisory Board has transitioned into a Board of Directors, who you can meet under our Leadership Page. We are thrilled that our Board is continuing their passionate commitment to this ministry. Our Board members bring expertise in a variety of ministry contexts and represent our founding Colleges and their denominations. Our intention, as we continue to transition into our new identity, is to engage many others, both clergy and lay and from diverse denominations, in dialogue about current ministry issues and needs across Canada.

We appreciate your prayers as this ministry continues to develop. We are thrilled with the journey so far and that we have grown, both in the number and location of our events and resourcing, and also in the variety of denominations taking part. We seek to continue this growth and welcome your input.


The Centre's mission is to enable clergy and congregatios to flourish within the Canadian context.

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