Our games are a great value when compared with typical card fees for ACBL games around the city. If you join Hart House and the Bridge Club, and play on a regular basis, each game can cost as little as $3!

Hart House membership and Bridge Club membership are two separate items. You need be a member of Hart House to join the Bridge Club, but it is not necessary to join either. See below for your options.

If you are already a member of Hart House

You can join the Bridge Club for an annual fee of just $15. This entitles you to unlimited play at our regular club games for the entire year with no additional fees. The yearly membership period begins in September.

If you are a University of Toronto student

As long as your UofT account is in good standing, you are a member of Hart House. You can join the Bridge Club as above for $15.

If you are not a member of Hart House

First, you can join Hart House. For fees, visit the Hart House membership page here (opens a new window). Once you join Hart House, you can join the Bridge Club as above for $15.

A Hart House membership provides you with much more than access to the Bridge Club. "Hart House is a living laboratory of social, artistic, cultural and recreational experiences where all voices, rhythms and traditions converge. As the vibrant home for the education of the mind, body and spirit envisioned by its founders, Hart House encourages and supports activities that provide spaces for awakening the capacity for self-knowledge and self-expression." Explore their website here (opens a new window).

If you do not wish to join (pay as you play)

Non-members of Hart House cannot join the Bridge Club. Therefore, the offer of $15 for unlimited play is not available to non-members.

Non-members may play for a fee of $5 per game per player. Arrive early and purchase your voucher at the Hart House main desk before the game.

Members of Hart House who decline to join the Bridge Club may play for $5 per game as well. However, after just three $5 games you will have spent the cost of a one-year unlimited Bridge Club membership, so joining is a bargain.