have u heard anything about the course ENV200? good things hopefully! i may take it as my science credit..


i did not take ENV 200 (maybe because i care more about fall out boy than the ozone layer) - but, through the magic of the internet - i have gotten in contact with those in the know. and they say...

a) it's a full year course. i didn't go since before christmas, hardly went to tutorials and didn't do the readings...and i still passed

b) i took this class. if you need a science credit, its not that much work at all. if your looking for a class that you don't even need to attend - this is it. zimmermen puts all of her slides on the course web site and pretty much just reads them. there are manditory tutorials every other week which are the only things you actually have to attend and do like a 5 minute assignment for.

looks pretty and low-maintenance to me! go for it!

cheers, askastudent