I am graduating this June..
but wondering if I can still get a copy of the Calendar at the Registrar office (ignoring the fact that I can get them online anyway)?

Also, what if I want to take some courses next year/ this summer? Do i need to register again? or just summit another subject post?


dude, if you want a calendar so badly we'll seriously just give you one. askastudent's office is actually located in a secret underground lair below the belly of robart's library. luckily it is also where they keep the calendars. i am seriously looking a bazillion calendars right now - they are shiny. so if you want one, email me at askastudent.innis@utoronto.ca and we'll arrange a time to hook it up. that doesn't go for all you other plebeians though. this is a special award.

the beautiful thing about being a recently graduated student is that you are automatically re-registered as a "non-degree" student for the next year. super-cool eh? all you have to do is select courses on your special day - AUGUST 16TH - and keep the fire of long-lasting learning burning bright. (don't forget to pay your fees for courses that don't count.)

cheers, askastudent