welcome to the resource page. ok.....here's how this bad boy works. flow through the questions and see if any of them match your query. if so, click on the question and fly away to a magic land where you'll find the answers to all your questions no matter how stupid they might be. we're here to help.......and make fun of you. but we only make fun of you because we care. this stuff should help you out. if not, email yer specific question to us and we'll give it the once over and hook you up with all the info you could possibly desire. hope this helps.

1. i'm really nervous about a presentation i have to do. any suggestions?

2. i'm gonna kill something!!! got any better ideas on venting stress?!?

3. i'm feeling pretty damned lost in this mega school. wazzup widat?!?

4. who really has better pizza, papa ceo or cora's?

5. i'm failing or close there to. what should i do?

6. where do babies come from?

7. you mean my parents really did that?!?

8. visa sent hired goons to my house. im am poor. save me please!!!

9. i'm a frosh and i have no life. what the hell did i get myself into coming to university?

10. i need help because i have been abused. where do i go for help?

11. i have a wart. can you help me?!

12. essays suck! can you help?

13. it burns when i pee. what's wrong?

14. my significant other is bitter/gone/hating me/non-existent/really sucking lately. you know anything to help?!?