howdy y'all. so you're not sure if you're coming to u of t and you've got some questions eh?!? well guess what? i can probably answer every question you might have. and why you ask? because i've been here for a long time and i know way more than you. so sit down and shut up. you're about to be schooled youngin.

ask any question at all. we're going to help you with lifestyles, academics, time management, where to buy cheap grub, how to bathe and we'll even make fun of you for free to boot.

we're here to help you make a rough decision. and we're not part of the propaganda machine so we'll give you the straight goods. scouts honour.

ask away. use the submit button to get us and don't worry about how stupid or basic the question. leave your email address if you want a faster answer. if yer on the lookout for confidentiality, then don't tell us who you are. in this case, look for an answer to your question on the forum page. also, see below for a list of resource/frequently asked questions. you'll get an answer from somewhere in a short while, we promise.

ask a million questions. and then tour the site for other info and wicked linx (on the quiklinx page ) to crap you should know. choose wisely my child, for you have to live with the decision for the next 4 years o' yer life.

and by the way..... you're ugly. hope this helps.

1. what's the deal with colleges? i thought i was going to university! where should i go? how do i choose? what the hell does it matter?

2. what are my class sizes like and what aren't i being told?!

3. what is it like adjusting to first year? is life going to rock or suck?!

4. why is u of t a better choice than other universities?

5. where can i find more pertinent information for new students?