ok. so now it's time to select your college. I put this page together because I was sick and tired of being asked the same questions over and over again. plus I wanted to help you out, so I tried to pack a load of info in here. scroll down to find our opinions and some important links (click on the college name to visit them). if you have other questions about coming to school, then try our new students page.

if you are looking for RESIDENCE info at the college you're interested in attending, ie locations, costs, room types, etc, click here. it should answer most, if not all, your questions.

also, if still you're confused about how the college system works, then be sure to check out this link. it explains everything you don't know yet.

a couple of quick points:

1. the college you pick on the st george (downtown toronto) campus does not limit or enhance your course selection in any way. you're just picking the community that you want to be affiliated with.

2. don't ask me anything until you have read all the pertinent info on this page. if you have questions or are confused, then submit me questions after you've made an attempt to figure things out for yourself.

here we go...

st. michael's college ('st mike's')
what up with st. mike's college, you ask? well, God is up.
st. mike's is one of the largest colleges at the university of toronto occupying the northeast portion of campus. they specialize in theology and medieval studies but offer a tonne of other academic options. you don't have to be a st. mike's student to take their courses (some exceptions apply) and st. mike's students don't have to study in these programs. residence is a great place to meet people and get involved in campus life by playing intramural sports, writing for amusing "the mike" newspaper, or getting on the men's residence council (mrc) or women's residence council (wrc). there are other student unions to be joined or you can start your own 'we-want-to-make-the-world-a-better-place-too' club. for further info about fees, residency, meal plans, courses, programs, etc., contact the st. mike's registrar's office located at 121 st. joseph street in alumni hall, room 207 or give 'em a ring at (416) 926-7117.

university college ('UC')
the deal with uc: university college is the largest college at the university of toronto. it is known for its high concentration of academically, politically and socially active students. one of the greatest traditions at university college is student participation in the community, the college, and the university. there are many ways for you to become involved and active in life at uc. the best place to start is the 'lit.' every undergraduate in the college belongs to the university college literary and athletic society, fondly referred to as the 'lit.' this is the oldest student council in the country, dating back to 1853.
no matter where your interests may lie, there is something for you at uc. the university of toronto enjoys the largest intramural athletic program in the country so you should be able to find an outlet for your energy and skill. the u.c. review is the annual creative arts journal. all uc students are encouraged to submit their poetry, prose fiction, photographs and artwork for publication. if you want to gain some new skills or find out about the world of journalism, consider helping out with 'the gargoyle' as a columnist, reporter, cartoonist, photographer, illustrator, interviewer, cutter or paster. as well, university college offers participation in the jewish students union.
Without a doubt, this joint has the best location, dead smack in the heart of campus. get out of bed about 12 seconds before you have to get to class, 17 seconds if you intend to put on deodorant. also, they have the best student hangout on campus - Diabolos (aka the JCR or "Junior Common Room") -fair trade coffee, huge couches and a variety of boys and girls checking each other out over their lattes and through their thick-framed glasses. for further info about fees, residency, meal plans, courses, programs, etc., contact the university college registrar's office located at 15 king's college circle or call them at (416) 978-3170.

new college ('new')
new college unfortunately sort of became lame in everyone's opinion for a while, but let me tell you they are on their way up - way up. due to many fancy new factors this college is becoming high in demand, and enjoyable for all. new offers a number of incredible programs including human biology (the largest program in the faculty of arts & science), and a number of progressive and contemporary programs such as african, caribbean, women's, and south asian studies, humanism, and the equity studies program. their college has an amazing location, located just off spadina, and is a millisecond walk from the athletic centre (which should help encourage couch potatoes to stick with their programs). (as a side note, they are also close to the two best pizza joints (papa ceo's and cora's) in the area, which will likely be counter-productive to their proximity to the gym.) I have been told by the highest of authorities that they're registrar's office is outstanding. their building and facilities offer students an excellent space in which to live and work, and the new residence is apparently fan-freaking-tastic. this highly contrasts the old residences, which are mainly held up with duct tape at this point, avoid them at all costs.

trinity college ('trin')
so you wanna hang out at trin?
trinity college offers a great academic and social environment. academically, trinity specializes in immunology, international relations, ethics, society and law and psychoanalytic thought. trinity advertises many of its activities that demonstrate the 'trin' pride including the aids awareness committee, amnesty international, athletic association, trinity and st. hilda's (tcaa and shaa), cantonese christian fellowship, chapel choir, chess society, cigar club, dramatic society (tcds), english society, film society, international relations society, investment fund (tcif), literary institute, orientation committee, pipe club, refugee scholarship committee, safety committee, salterrae (newspaper), science and nature society, server's guild, sexual assault brought into new awareness (sabina), solid gold dancers, stephanos (yearbook), trinity university review, un-anglican affairs committee (uaac), united way awareness week, wine tasting society.
this place is not for everyone. rich with background (read: old money) and they sure do love themselves. make sure this is where you want to be before applying. for some it's perfect, but it's not for everybody. for further info about fees, residency, meal plans, courses, programs, etc., contact the trinity college registrar's office located at 6 hoskin avenue or call them at (416) 978-2687.

innis college
alright. so this is ground 0 for the aska staff. it's a cool little college located at bloor and st. george. small with only 1300 students, you really get a chance to sort of live it up and meet people and all that gear. this place plays home to cinema studies, urban studies and enviro studies, but again, you don't have to be a student of the college to take courses here. we are perhaps best known for our rez, arguably one of the best on campus, which offers apartment style living in a good, modern building. personally, i have issues with the rez, but i seem to be quite wholly in the minority of people who disliked living there.
you'll get a ton of opportunities to watch free movies and hang out in the pit, a place that's mildly comfortable to sit and read or eat. we have a nifty little restaurant here that offers up healthy, savory eats, which is good when you don't have time to cook (no meals plans here, but available from other colleges). the flow around the college is pretty laid back, and has a tendency to attract the intellectual/book smart type. is it you? we have a killer staff in the registrar office (read:like guidance counselors) that will bend over backwards to help you out whenever you need it. if i had to come back to school again, i would definitely want to be back at innis. excellent people, small community, super friendly (though occasionally snotty.

woodsworth college ('woody')
yet another tight knit community. woodworth used to be home to mainly only part-time student but is now for undergrads too. since this is new it doesn't have much of a reputation yet for anything. this college plays home to criminology studies, an excellent program for cops/private dicks/rent-a-cops/lawyers/security interested peeps. the college is located directly north of the innis rez, so it's at st george and bloor as well. it's near a quickie mart, a ton of bars, the subway, and all those other amenities you can't live without in toronto. the building itself is without a doubt the nicest college on campus, with all of its interior immaculately made out dark wood and silver trim. slick, very slick. the brand new residence looks like a beautiful ikea-decorated condo and is huge in demand now. the college has a nice feel to it. i can attest for the drunkenness of several of their frosh from last year, so at least they do seem to know how to let it all go and just chill for the night. their student media (the woody) certainly isn't the worst paper on campus, and they offer a whack of different groups you can join to get to know the place inside out. their web presence looks good, and they offer a lot of information on it for new students, so you should definitely check it out.

victoria college ('vic')
I love this place. Old, quaint, and parties hard. You'll get the same stuff you get everywhere else; classes, ivy climbing the walls, tradition, meal plan, the whole bit. but they toss in an amazing community to boot. now true, it doesn't matter where you go, your own life will only be what YOU decide to make it. so if your shy and don't try then you'll end up with no friends. But here it's a little different. Any time I've been a round the college there's always stuff going on. It's hard to just sit back and blend in when everyone around you is having fun. I made a bunch of friends there with little effort. Their web site looks like ass, but does a good job of explaining the groups you can join, the history of the college, etc. so be sure to check it out.

click here for erindale (mississauga,'UTM') and scarborough 'UTSC' campuses information. i don't want to talk about them because i don't know anything at all about them.

hope it helped,