have you been doin' bad things?! yer lucky, i wont tell your mom and i might be able to help with that rashy, itchy, smelly, burning issue between you and your groin. for starts, go see a doctor. do it now. the longer you wait the more this thing is gonna keep on suckin. and you aren't lookin too good with your hand down your pants scratching all day. in fact, its down right nasty so stop it.

if you think you have one of the many std's or are just fascinated with the subject, you can check them out here.

also, if you have a disease because you forgot to put on a pud collar/ party cap/ jimmy tuque, guess what idiot?! it's the nineties, or at least.... it was. you know what the hell i mean. have you been completely blind to everything around you? god, i can't take you any where your so embarassing. ok, lowdown goes, s.e.c. gives out free condoms if you just go ask. condoms are your friend. treat them accordingly and never leave them outta the fun.

ok, so dont worry. you'll live through this with all luck on your side. you gotta be more careful about who yer humping though. best case scenario, your parts are itchy for a couple weeks. worst case scenario, you're dead at 23. be smart. we don't need to lose anyone else to A.I.D.S.