ok. granted. sometimes class sizes will be a kick in the ass but for the most part you won't have issues.

you're looking at an average of ~300 people per class. but in some instances (199y seminars) you'll have 15 and in others (bio, psych, sociology) you could have well over a 1000. in these classes, you will probably never meet your prof, but you will be assigned to a teaching assistant (an upper year/grad student who will help with questions). so the system, so long as nobody goes on strike again, goes off without a hitch.

also, an added bonus. if the class is huge they tend to put rock solid, award winning, kryptonite vulnerable profs at the helm of said monster. this is gravy. look for larger classes sizes to find some of our best profs. ( i personally vouch for the psych 100 prof marty wall. he was the goods.)

they tell me that the ratio of students to profs at this school is 9:1 (or factually 54000:6000), though i think that might include that wise old janitor in sid smith hall which probably shouldn't count.

consider yourself informed.