We are interested in understanding cellular signalling processes in budding
yeast using functional genomics, high content screening and gene expression

1) Functional Genomics:
Our lab uses synthetic genetic array (SGA) technology combined with a
variety of libraries of yeast strains to genetically screen for interactions
of enzymes (e.g. protein kinases, lysine deacetylases) and their targets. We create a variety of resources, databases and collections for the community with application to the SGA platform, including a selection of
overexpression arrays.



2) Phenomics:
We have combined SGA with high content screening (HCS) to assess changes in protein localization and abundance under a variety of genetic, environmental and chemical stresses using rapid image acquisition and analysis. SGA-HCS is also used to detect mutants that show defects in their sub-cellular morphology, such as reduced formation of DNA damage foci.



3) Cell cycle-regulated transcription
Our lab has pioneered the use of SGA for genome wide analysis of reporter gene-expression, particularly for studying transcriptional changes throughout the cell cycle. We are also interested in understanding cell cycle processes and molecular players that regulate endocytosis via directed mechanistic studies.



4) Collaborations:
Our lab is involved in a number of ongoing collaborative projects. We are
closely collaborating with Dr. Charlie Boone, to understand genetic
redundancy and natural variation in yeast strains.