Ji-Young Youn
(Graduate Student, PhD candidate)

One way to understand kinase-transcription factor (TF) relationship is to characterize genetic interactions (GI) between the two. The success of integrating GIs from both loss-of-function (deletion) and gain-of-function (overexpression) alleles strongly argues for exploration of new network space available to us by use of gain-of-function alleles as queries. For this purpose, we have constructed integrated-, overexpression- libraries containing ~85% of yeast kinases and transcription factors. We have characterized the libraries in detail using a panel of assays, allowing us to understand the biological consequences of these gain-of-function alleles. To identify TFs which may be regulated by kinases, we have screened for genetic interactions between 239 TF overexpression alleles and a given kinase mutant, either the analog-sensitive allele or the overexpression allele. I'm in the process of following up on interesting kinase-TF pairs that show dosage-dependent genetic interactions (GI) using variety of tools to find their relationship.