Protocols, Data and Resources

  1. Protocols:
    1. Synthetic Genetic Array (SGA) protocol  (Click here)
    2. Reporter-SGA (Click here)
    3. Genome-wide Synthetic Dosage Lethal  (SDL) screening (Coming soon)
    4. High Content Screening (SGA-HCS) (Coming soon)

  2. Databases:
    1. Yeast Kinase Interaction Database ( Yeast KID) (
    2. Collection of Yeast Cell and Localization Patterns (CYCLOPS) (Coming soon)
    3. Data Repository of Yeast Genetic Interactions (DRYGIN) Link:
    4. Database of protein and genetic interactions (BioGRID) Link:

  3. Over-expression Libraries and Collections

Our lab has a series of overexpression collections in both yeast and E-coli.  We are happy to provide you with specific strains or plasmids upon request. The GST and mORF libraries are available in full through Open BioSystems. Not all genes are available in all collections. To search for your favourite gene’s availability, please click on the icons below to download the appropriate EXCEL files. When requesting a strain, please provide the name of the collection, the ORF and gene name, whether you would like the bacterial or yeast strain, as well as the coordinates from the requested library.  To receive strains from the MoBY collection, please contact Dr. Charlie Boone’s lab.