Change Purchase Order
(Clearing or Cancelling a Reserve)
AMS Version 4.5B
R/3 Path
Logistics >> Materials management >> Purchasing >>
Purchase order >> Change
Transaction Code
Change Purchase order: Initial Screen
  This procedure is to be used:
  1. To clear a purchase order reserve that is no longer required. (i.e.: the delivered quantity is not the full order, but no more goods / services are required / expected.)
  2. To clear a purchase order reserve that is no longer required. (i.e.: the invoice was posted incorrectly as an accounts payable document.)
Purchase order Enter the purchase order number. If unknown, click on to access a matchcode.
  Click on .
Change Purchase order: Item Overview Screen
  Select the applicable line items.
  Click on .
Change Purchase order: Item XXXXX Screen
  Click on the box to the left of Del. compl.
  Item >> Texts >> Text overview
Change Purchase order: Texts for Item XXXXX Screen
Item note Use to access the Item note.
Enter the reason for changing the purchase order. If the change is due to the invoice being processed as an accounts payable document, reference the accounts payable document number for auditing purposes. In the accounts payable document, the purchase order number should be referenced in the text for auditing purposes.
  Click on to save the changes. Attach the printed copy reflecting the changes to the original purchase order.
    You have changed a purchase order.

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