The University of Toronto offers a wide range of courses related to Southeast Asia, in disciplines such as anthropology, geography and political science. Students are invited to peruse departmental course guides for more recent course offerings on or relating to Southeast Asia.

Students interested in a specialized area studies program should inquire about the programs supported by the Asian Institute: the Dr. David Chu Program in Asia-Pacific studies, a program at the undergraduate level, and at the graduate level, the Collaborative Master's and PhD Programs in South Asian Studies.

Field Course and Research Opportunity in Indonesia, Summer 2010

Professors Joshua Barker and Tania Li from the Department of Anthropology are offering a field course and a joint research opportunity in Indonesia this summer for undergraduate students, in collaboration with the Asian Institute. Some funding will be available.

Read more about the field course.

Read more about the research opportunity.

Update March 10, 2010: Tania Li's 399Y research opportunity in Indonesia for May-July 2010 has secured funding for all student participants. The application deadline is March 22, 2010. Learn more.

Language education

The Centre for Southeast Asian Studies , along with the Asian Institute’s established programs, places a strong emphasis on the acquisition of Southeast Asian languages in the pursuit of a regional specialization. The University of Toronto currently offers some introductory teaching of Vietnamese, through the Department of East Asian Studies. Students are encouraged, particularly at the graduate level, to seek external programs for language education during the course of their program. The Asian Institute has been developing a number of funding opportunities to support students for these purposes.

Some of the programs that have a special focus on Southeast Asian languages include: the Cornell Southeast Asia Program; SEASSI: the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute at the University of Wisconsin; COTIM (Consortium for the Teaching of Indonesian and Malay).