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Current PhD students

Jean-François Bissonnette (Geography): “Agrarian change in Eastern Indonesia”

Stephen Campbell (Anthropology): Conflict mediation in Burma (Supervised by Tania Li)

Lisa Davidson (Anthropology): Cambodia and the Khmer Diaspora (co-supervised by Tania Li)

Emily Hertzman (Anthropology): “Chinese Indonesians in Rural West Kalimantan: Identity, Land and Belonging in Post-Suharto Indonesia” (Supervised by Joshua Barker)

Duc Huynh (History): Colonial Vietnam (Supervised by Nhung Tuyet Tran)

Jack Lee (OISE): Comparative study of Singapore and Malaysia's plans to become regional hubs of higher education

Zaceu Lian: “Institutional Design for Divided Societies: A Blueprint for a Multi-Ethnic Burma”

Trevor Preston (Political Science): “Educational Institutions and the State Management of the Islamic Revival in Indonesia and Malaysia” (Supervised by Jacques Bertrand)

Jessica Soedirgo (Political Science): Ethnic and religious conflict in Indonesia (Supervised by Jacques Bertrand)

Rose Ann “Liwliwa” Torres (Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, OISE): “Healing Power of Postcolonial Indigenous Women: Lessons and Implications from Aeta Women Healers in the Philippines”

Lan Tran (Anthropology): “Neoliberalism, alternative ideologies, and socio-economic mobility in Vietnam”


Current MA Students

Chipamong Chowdhury (Religion): Comparing narratives and practices featuring the Buddhist saint Sivali in Bangladesh and Arakan

Genevieve Depelteau (Geography/Asia-Pacific Studies): The role of small-scale water providers in urban Indonesia (Supervised by Amrita Daniere)

Antoine Nouvet (Political Science/Asia-Pacific Studies)


Former PhD Students

Konar Arifin (Anthropology): “Peasant Politics and Agrarian Change in Java after the fall of Suharto’s Authoritarian Regime”

Kirsten Brown: “The Road to Kamalisi: Development, Hope, and Power in Highland Indonesia”

Jaggapan Cadchumsang, “People at the Rim: A Study of Border Constructions, Ethnicity and Nationalism in a Thai Border Village”

Sheri Gibbings, “Building a Street, Building a Nation: Architecture, Urban Space and National Belonging on Malioboro Street in Yogyakarta, Indonesia” (Supervised by Tania Li and Joshua Barker)

Carrie Mitchell, “Recycling the City: The Impact of Urban Change on the Informal Waste Recovery Industry in Hanoi, Vietnam”

Ha Kim Nguyen, “Domestic Services: Employer-Employee Relationships under Economic Reforms in Urban Vietnam”

Anna Polonyi (Anthropology):“Contradictions of Neoliberal Development Interventions and Market Transition in Northern Lao PDR” (Supervised by Hy Van Luong)

Nguyen Quang Tuan: “Community-Based Environmental Regulation in Vietnam:  A Focus on Landfills”

Teodosia Villarino: “Pagpanikay-sikay Lang and the Logic of Survival: Gender, Mothers and the Urban Poor in Barangay Hipodromo, Cebu City, Philippines”


Former MA Students

Irene Poetranto (Political Science/Asia-Pacific Studies)
Katherine Mitchell (Anthropology/Asia-Pacific Studies)
Matthew Trew (Anthropology/Asia-Pacific Studies)
Jessica Soedirgo (Political Science/Asia-Pacific Studies)

Michael F.Prentice: “Violence and Conflict in West Papua: An Anthropological Argument for Reparations”

Lan Tran: “Vietnam’s Economic Renovation and Images of Gender Roles in Print Advertisements: a Comparative Perspective”



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