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Who We Are

The Asian Institute was created in 2001 as a reflection of the University of Toronto’s long and deep commitment to scholarship and research on East, Southeast and South Asia. The Institute is the intellectual home, within the Munk School of Global Affairs, to more than 100 affiliated scholars in the humanities and social sciences. It conducts interdisciplinary research and teaching that covers every sub-region of Asia.

The Institute comprises several undergraduate and graduate programs and is expanding its teaching. Professor Joseph Wong, the Director of the Asian Institute, is encouraging students to study in Asia as part of their education. Study trips have allowed students to meet with government officials, students and academics in Indonesia, South Korea and Taiwan.

The Asian Institute has a unique relationship with the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University in Shanghai. U of T students visit and study with Chinese students, taught in the mornings by Canadian professors such as Professor Wong, and by Fudan University professors in the afternoons.

The Asian Institute was awarded an Academic Initiatives Fund grant by the Provost of the University of Toronto in recognition of its intellectual diversity, excellence in teaching and cutting-edge research.