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“Ethical principles … must characterize the pursuit and transmission of knowledge in the University.” (Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, preamble)

All institutions of higher learning place a strong emphasis on integrity – in both their teaching and their research. This certainly holds true for the University of Toronto which is governed by both a Code of Student Conduct and a Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.  The University of Toronto is committed to ensuring academic integrity at all levels and relies on both faculty and students to fulfill this goal.  Faculty play a key role in ensuring that students understand the principles of academic honesty and that they are able to apply these principles in their studies.  As stated in Stepping Up, “undergraduate students should leave the University of Toronto having acquired certain abilities, values, and commitments”, which includes knowledge about and a commitment to standards of intellectual honesty and use of information. Faculty share this responsibility with their students, as Stepping Up states “to ensure an enabling learning environment for all students, and to realize the learning objectives for our degrees, students should be prepared to undertake university work in accordance with strict principles of academic integrity.”  (Stepping Up, Companion Paper 1 - Enabling teaching and learning and the student experience)  These notions are in accordance with our Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters and reflect the University’s interest in and responsibility to ensure academic honesty at all levels.

It is important to note that the University of Toronto is governed by one Academic Code – the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.  

This site is intended to provide an overview of academic integrity issues and resources for faculty, teaching assistants and students.  We encourage faculty, departments, and divisions to reference this site on course outlines, in departmental handbooks and web sites, and in any other material for students and faculty.

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