2011 Performance Indicators for Governance


The University of Toronto educates more students and makes more discoveries than any other university in Canada. It is recognized as one of the foremost research-intensive universities in the world. The size and complexity of the institution leads to greater opportunities for our students and faculty, but also to greater challenges than faced by many of our Canadian peers. U of T can proudly claim international eminence in an impressive number of academic disciplines. At the same time, our size requires that we find creative ways to provide quality facilities and to ensure that every member of our community feels connected to campus life.

The Performance Indicators for Governance report measures our progress towards long-term goals in a range of teaching and research areas. It is our central accountability report to governance, and is designed to serve members of the wider community who wish to know more about the University's operations, achievements and challenges. An annual report has been presented to Governing Council since 1998. The indicators included have changed over the years as we have expanded the scope of areas that we have sought to measure and have enhanced our data collection and partnerships with other institutions that allow for external benchmarking. A total of seventy measures span a range of teaching and research areas.

Comprehensive Inventory of Performance Indicators 2011

A comprehensive inventory of our performance measures is available:

Performance Indicators 2011 Comprehensive Inventory

For a full PDF version of this report:

Performance Indicators 2011 Comprehensive Report (PDF)

text-only version of the Performance Indicators 2012 Comprehensive Inventory (PDF) is also available.