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2009 Performance Indicators for Governance


The University of Toronto is respected as one of the foremost research-intensive universities in the world. It has educated hundreds of thousands of students and enjoys a global reputation in multiple fields of scholarship. The University has considerable strengths and notable achievements. Building on successes and addressing opportunities for improvement will require careful monitoring of our ongoing performance.

Each year we measure our progress towards our long-term goals in a range of teaching and research areas. An annual Performance Indicator Report has been presented to Governing Council since 1998, and the University has led Ontario’s post-secondary sector in providing reports of this nature as part of our accountability to governance. The indicators in these reports have changed over the years as we expanded the scope of areas measured, enhanced our data collection, and created partnerships with other institutions and agencies for external benchmarking.

In 2008 we began to align our measures against the 2030 Framework. This year’s report is organized according to the 2030 Framework and includes analysis in several new areas:

  • Research chairs and research infrastructure measures
  • Research ranking discipline results
  • A measure of undergraduate instructional engagement
  • A measure of extra-curricular activity
  • A new measure of our students’ family income background
  • International student survey results
  • Pre-tenure faculty survey results
  • Graduate student survey benchmarks

Comprehensive Inventory of Perfomance Indicators 2009

A comprehensive inventory of our performance measures is available:
Performance Indicators 2009 Comprehensive Inventory