VWOOLF Electronic Discussion List

The Virginia Woolf (VWOOLF) Listserv:

What's a listserv?  Simply, it's an electronic discussion list that operates by e-mail. The Virginia Woolf discussion list "VWOOLF" sent its first message on February 20,1996. By March 20,the list had already acquired 154 subscribers--before any hard copy announcement about the list had been sent out. As of April 1998, there were 365 current subscribers.

Members send messages to and receive messages sent to the list address.  VWOOLF is an email discussion list, devoted to the exchange of information and ideas about Virginia Woolf. This is an unmoderated list, open to all readers (scholarly and common) of Virginia Woolf.  The list functions under the general auspices of the International Virginia Woolf Society and is run out of the Department of English at Ohio State University.  The list owner is Anne Fernald, Fordham University.

For information about the listserv, including instructions about how to subscribe and unsubscribe, please go to the following site: https://lists.service.ohio-state.edu/mailman/listinfo/vwoolf

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